Let’s Only Talk about Zion Williamson When It’s Good News

Zion Williamson was the subject of numerous takedowns after the New Orleans Pelicans’ disappointing loss in the semifinals of the In-Season Tournament to the Lakers. J.J. Redick, Shaquille O’Neal, the Times-Picayune, and an X account dedicated to the Pels all lined up to criticize him. Redick suggested that Williamson isn’t taking himself seriously, while the Times-Picayune reported that Williamson refuses to follow directions on diet and conditioning.

It’s tough to defend Williamson at this point as he has faced issues with health, maturity, and conditioning. There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding him. Williamson has been repeatedly criticized for his flaws, and it’s becoming tiresome.

It’s clear that Williamson’s pro career is disappointing due to self-created missteps. His potential is overshadowed by the negative news surrounding him. The constant scrutiny doesn’t help improve his performance.

Despite the difficulties Williamson faces, it’s possible for him to overcome his flaws and become a better player. However, the current situation makes it challenging for him to move past his shortcomings.

The Pistons suffered a 19th straight loss, while the Spurs extended their losing streak to 16 games, losing to the Orlando Magic and the Chicago Bulls, respectively.