Marcus Stroman: Getting Paid by the Yankees to Roast Them

The New York Yankees are struggling and, instead of investing in high quality players to join Gerrit Cole, they have opted to sign Marcus Stroman despite his strong dislike for the team and their general manager. Stroman’s deal with the Yankees is worth $37 million and will last for two years. His presence on the mound will certainly bring some uncertainty, given his history of Twitter rants and injury struggles.

Stroman’s future performance on the field remains uncertain, despite being a solid mid-rotation starter with health. The Yankees will need to rely on their defensive infield to support him. Furthermore, the team’s bullpen is not equipped to compensate for any deficiencies in the starting rotation.

Stroman’s contract is relatively modest, but the Yankees have overlooked better options in favor of cost efficiency. This move reflects the team’s current financial constraint, a potential sign of struggle in comparison to other baseball clubs.

In other baseball news, the Cubs have made some moves to strengthen their roster, trading for Michael Busch and Yencer Almonte. This could potentially address the team’s needs at third base. If Busch can deliver at the major league level, it would be a valuable acquisition for the Cubs.

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