Michigan’s Talent Prevails to Break Jim Harbaugh’s Dry Spell

Many had their headlines and stories about Jim Harbaugh, who took his third-straight CFP semifinal loss, joining his previously lost Super Bowl and NFC Championship games. Surprisingly, Michigan had better players on the field than Alabama, and their defense dominated for most of the game. However, this year things seem to have fallen into place for Michigan, and it looks like it is the last of its kind. The CFP will look a lot like the Big 10-SEC Challenge from now on. Also, a banner day for right-wing, reactionary people, but it was a good start to 2024. Jason Whitlock and Aubrey Huff have also made themselves look stupid online, involving such a level of self-delusion that they’ve lost all sight of the handles of reality. However, despite all the chaos, the Canadiens scored the craziest goal of 2023.