Miles Bridges: A Thorn in the Hornets’ Side

I do not have a favorite team in the NBA. I do not bite my fingernails or throw my remote control when watching the league. However, I do have favorite players. LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges used to be the two of them. I always looked forward to the 4 p.m. PST games of the Charlotte Hornets. Last week, the two players were reunited and played against the Boston Celtics. Ball is still a very exciting player with his no-look passes, while Bridges is also impressive with his scoring ability. However, Bridges is currently facing legal issues and should not be allowed to play until they are resolved. Despite this, the NBA has suspended him for 30 games, 20 of which have already been served even though he did not play last season. This has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I no longer have the same enthusiasm for the Hornets. I will still watch LaMelo, but seeing Bridges on the court does not sit well with me.