Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets Cleared of Charges

The Athletic reported on Tuesday that four charges related to two separate incidents against Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges had been dismissed. The charges stemmed from an October incident involving Bridges and the mother of his children. A criminal summons was issued for misdemeanor child abuse and injury to personal property. Bridges was alleged to have thrown pool table balls at the woman’s car, denting it, smashing the windshield, and threatening to withhold child support if she reported the incident to the authorities. Three of the charges were dismissed by the Mecklenburg County District Court, and a fourth charge alleging violation of a domestic violence protective order was dropped. The North Carolina court cited insufficient evidence as the reason for dismissing the cases. Bridges had also been involved in a June 2022 incident where he allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend in front of their children. This resulted in his arrest and suspension from the NBA for 30 games. He also faced a felony domestic violence charge in Los Angeles in November. In December, he was denied entry into Canada for the Hornets game against the Raptors due to his legal issues. Despite his off-court troubles, Bridges has been enjoying his best season so far, averaging 21.6 points, 3.4 assists, and 7.2 total rebounds.