MNF viewers served up awful chicken cutlets graphic by ESPN

The Giants of New York vs. the Packers of Green Bay. And the Giants won with rookie QB Tommy DeVito leading the way.

Many fans were unimpressed with the televised depiction of DeVito’s pregame meal. However, fans tailgating made sure to indulge in some proper cutlets before the game. Furthermore, DeVito’s family hosted a tailgate of about 300 people, serving up all types of Italian food (including cutlets).
“I always knew he had the talent to play at this level,” Tom DeVito, his father told The New York Post, “but I never could ever fathom the instant fandom that he has everywhere. … Some people aren’t always happy for somebody, if they win the lottery or if something good happens, but I have to say, just about everybody I’ve come in contact with, it’s so genuine … you hold back tears in your eyes because you see how genuine and happy they are.”