Monitoring Ja Morant’s Absence: NBA’s Top Priority

The NBA season is over for Ja Morant and barely started. He was suspended for inappropriate use of a firearm on social media and played only nine games before suffering a shoulder injury. Morant’s team, the Memphis Grizzlies, announced that he will not return for the rest of the season. His dunk on Victor Wembanyama and buzzer-beater are all that will be remembered from this season.

According to a team press release, Morant suffered the shoulder injury at practice. The team will remain near the bottom of the standings, and the Grizzlies should consider trading their 2024 lottery pick to improve their roster. Meanwhile, Morant’s headspace needs to be monitored until the 2024 training camp.

In a tweet before his second gun incident, Morant hinted at “going through it” and not dealing with his feelings, which he discussed in a 2021 interview. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed concerns about player happiness and stated that a program would be put in place for Morant to change his “trajectory.”

It’s crucial for the NBA and the Grizzlies to reach out to Morant now that he will be away from the court due to non-disciplinary reasons. Hopefully, any program put in place has helped him become more willing to speak up when feeling down, but his well-being is a continuous process. The league and the Grizzlies need to support him, especially considering his recent setback and ongoing legal issues.