NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Calls for Vibrant Court Designs in 2024

The NBA in-season tournaments will see more colorful courts and higher stakes in the future, according to league commissioner Adam Silver. The aim is to make the courts more creative, but also safe for players, ensuring that the paint is not too slippery. There are plans for new court designs for this year’s NBA Finals, with the possibility of a special Finals court that is more colorful.

There are talks of raising the stakes of the tournaments going forward, including guaranteeing the winner of the tournament at least the seventh spot in the playoffs. However, this proposal may clash with the NBA’s play-in tournament and overall strategy of motivating teams to perform well until the end of the regular season.

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner suggested a tiebreaker at the end of the season, where the winner of the tournament would earn an automatic tiebreaker if they are tied with another team. Other proposals include additional draft incentives and an increased cash purse.