NCAA Bowl Games: Glorified Spring Practice Sessions

There are two main reasons why bowl games are important. Firstly, bowl games provide an extra month of practice time, which is limited due to NCAA rules. This extra practice time is crucial for student athletes to develop and evaluate their talent, especially with the increasing number of players entering the transfer portal. The added opportunity to develop and evaluate talent is more valuable than ever in the current landscape of college football. The second reason why bowl games matter is revenue. However, there are many similarities between Spring Games and Bowl games, including being money-driven and featuring players that fans may not be familiar with. Despite the declining public interest in both types of games, bowl games still provide an opportunity for fans to enjoy football during the holiday season. Additionally, with several teams missing their starting quarterbacks and other key players, the outcomes of these postseason games are somewhat unpredictable. In conclusion, while college football’s transfer portal and postseason games may present challenges, the opportunity to watch more football is always a reason to celebrate.