New Era, New Team: The 2023 Lions Rebuilding like the Post-Katrina Saints

The Detroit Lions are set to alter their franchise’s trajectory, similar to the New Orleans Saints in 2006. The Lions have enjoyed a more uplifting year than the Saints had in their pre-Payton era. The Lions have made history with their 14 total wins, tying for their highest single-season wins in franchise history. The team has transformed from the pre-Campbell Lions, and their revival is comparable to the 2006 New Orleans Saints. This season, the Lions barely beat the Los Angeles Rams in their playoff opener and then dominated the Tampa Bay Bucs en route to their first NFC Championship Game in 32 years. The Lions’ journey reflects the dramatic transformations experienced by several key players throughout the season. These changes illustrate that the Lions are set to create their own history, similar to the Saints.