NFL Highlights: November 18, 2023

Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen could be headed for a split

The future of Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen together may be in doubt amidst reports of a shaky relationship between Diggs and the Buffalo Bills. Diggs’ brother Trevon, a Dallas Cowboys cornerback, expressed his frustration during the Monday Night game against the Denver Broncos, raising questions about the future of Diggs in Buffalo.

Courtland Sutton demands an apology for Russell Wilson

Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton has called for an apology for Russell Wilson, claiming that the quarterback is owed an apology following the team’s performance in the first nine games of the season.

Cleveland Browns missed out on Josh Dobbs

Following the Cleveland Browns’ recent loss, it’s clear that the team is struggling without backup quarterback Josh Dobbs, who was previously released by the team.

Buffalo likely to keep Josh Allen

Former NFL wide receiver and FS1 Speak analyst James Jones speculated that the Buffalo Bills are likely to move away from Allen, as rumors circulate about Stefon Diggs’ unhappiness in the team.

Mac Jones’ performance under scrutiny

Recent statements suggest that Mac Jones may not be the right fit for the New England Patriots, as scrutiny over his performance rises in New England.

Dak Prescott excels as a quarterback

Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott has been performing well, despite the team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Ryan Tannehill’s support for Titans quarterbacks depends on race

Ryan Tannehill’s reaction to young quarterbacks on the Titans’ team has raised questions about the influence of race on his support.

Josh Dobbs’ fascination with NASA

Josh Dobbs’ performance has been surprising given that he stepped in for Kirk Cousins as the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback.

Deshaun Watson out for the season

The Cleveland Browns announced that quarterback Deshaun Watson is done for the season following an injury.