Nick Saban’s retirement solidifies his status as the greatest of all time in college football

The retirement of coaches like Nick Saban can be surprising, especially since Alabama had not lost much ground. While there may have been a slight decrease, it was nowhere near the levels of Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno. This raises speculation about why he is retiring now, as reports indicate that the coach is calling it a career.

Retiring at the age of 72, Saban won seven national titles, six of which were in Tuscaloosa, and one at LSU. His departure will have a significant impact on the SEC, and coaching transitions are notoriously challenging even without considering conference realignment. His departure will also change the landscape of college football, particularly with the introduction of NIL money and the transfer portal. The stress of managing college players with NFL aspirations is no doubt taxing on coaches, and even at the highest pay rate in the country, Saban’s patience was already waning.

It remains to be seen if Saban’s patience or other factors played a part in his decision to retire, but his legacy as one of the greatest coaches of this century and potentially the greatest of all time cannot be denied. His departure leaves a void in college football and marks the end of an era.