Northwestern’s Struggle Continues Despite Wrigley Field’s Influence

Northwestern is struggling, sitting at 2-4 in the Big Ten West and at 4-5 overall. Also, beloved head coach Pat Fitzgerald was fired after allegations of hazing and racist abuse by his players. There’s a malaise hanging over Northwestern. On Saturday, Northwestern took on Iowa, but it felt like they were a world away as Iowa fans dominated. The game ended in a 10-7 loss for Northwestern. Iowa’s Cooper DeJean said it felt like a home game for their team. The situation at Northwestern has taken a toll on the school’s reputation. Northwestern alums have been quieter lately. Memorable sports events at Wrigley Field are no longer a special experience. The school experienced numerous controversies involving their football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and cheerleading teams. It’s a string of misery and upset causing fans to question the school’s values.