Oklahoma City Thunder’s Thrilling Victory: Securing a New Arena through Negotiation

The Oklahoma City Thunder gets a new arena, so the owners will contribute $50 million of the total $900 million expense. The ownership’s reputation preceded them, engaging 71 percent of Oklahoma City voters to approve a 1 percent sales tax. Draymond Green punches Jusuf Nurkic and receives critique. The public voted to retain their team, and somehow this increases world income disparity. Instead of using $70 million for infrastructure or community initiatives, these funds will be directed toward the sports building. There were considerable community benefits in the deal, including the promise of a “living wage” of $15 per hour. The current minimum wage in Oklahoma is $7.25, and recent initiatives have proposed to increase it to $15, highlighting a potential benefit from the deal. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce invested at least $478,000 on pro-arena TV ad expenditures since November. Mayor Holt said the decision proves the city is a “Big League City.” Just for record, Clay Bennett is that repugnant person.