Old Man Winter Dominates the 2024 Sports World

The professional sports calendar is being disrupted by winter 2024. January-March is typically the worst time for weather in the US, yet hockey and basketball are usually played indoors. Despite rough conditions at outdoor football stadiums during the NFL playoffs, events usually go on. However, this year’s weather has forced some changes, such as delaying the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills game due to a winter storm and postponing a Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres hockey game. In Portland, NBA center Deandre Ayton was unable to get to work due to icy conditions. The weather has shown its power, as games of all kinds are being disrupted, with visibility for drivers reduced to barely past their front wheels due to snowstorms. Last year, the Detroit Pistons were unable to fly due to an ice storm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Winter 2024’s extreme conditions are proving to be a challenge for professional sports.