Packer Problems Extend Beyond Jaire Alexander

I enjoy the notion of NFL players being honorary captains in their hometowns, a nice touch for the hometown kid. Jaire Alexander strolled out to midfield during a game and called the coin toss, a presumptuous move according to onlookers. Alexander won the toss but didn’t know what to say, which almost cost Green Bay an offensive possession. The referee bailed him out of the situation by clarifying his choice to defer. This incident led to his suspension for Green Bay’s next game. The Packers’ defense has come under scrutiny from fans, with many expressing a desire for a change at defensive coordinator. Despite Alexander’s near-miss in the game, the referees allowed the Packers to defer the opening kickoff, and the defense still allowed the Panthers to score 22 points in the second half. The suspension of one of the Packers’ highest-paid defensive players has led to speculation about the reasons behind the decision.