Patrick Mahomes Outshines Lamar Jackson as the Top Quarterback in the NFL

Following NFL Championship Sunday, it’s time to reflect on the Baltimore Ravens performance and their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The matchup primarily revolved around the quarterbacks. Nevertheless, the Ravens got caught up in the moment and tried to duplicate Kansas City’s style, which led to their downfall.

Despite the low-scoring output, the Ravens were not able to sustain their level against the Chiefs. The Ravens offense forgot their strengths and relied too heavily on Lamar Jackson, who continues to be compared to Patrick Mahomes. The offensive coordinator seemed to panic during crucial moments of the game, which also impacted their gameplay.

The Chiefs were able to maintain their lead throughout the game, and the Ravens could not catch up, leading to their defeat. Lamar Jackson will likely continue to be compared to Patrick Mahomes, but until he can win multiple Super Bowls, he may remain in second place in the quarterback conversation. Additionally, getting to the Super Bowl in the AFC will continue to be challenging with multiple notable quarterbacks competing in the league.