Philadelphia Eagles Felt Matt Patricia was the Answer

When it comes to Matt Patricia, it’s obvious you’re out of answers. You may not even know the questions. Whatever went wrong for the Eagles this season – injuries, age, confusion, lack of a Plan B – it’s a pretty clear signal to everyone on the team that the coach doesn’t know what to do and is in a panic when it turns to Matt Patricia. The players aren’t stupid or blind when it comes to football matters. They know this doofus was an utter failure in Detroit and can see the bounce the Lions (the Lions!) got from launching him. Not that the other side of the ball on Monday night was squeaky clean. The Eagles played as if blitzing against them was illegal and receivers rarely, if ever, turned around in their routes until some Bucs lineman was wearing Jalen Hurts’s face as a hat. They didn’t have any answers there either. This is the kind of spin-out of a season that usually leads to some behind-the-scenes, anonymous quote filled tell-all in the coming weeks where we find out someone defecated in a teammates locker/swimming pool or the coach showed up drunk to a walk-through or some player banged another’s wife and tore the team apart (happening with the Giants as we speak!). The Falcons want everyone to know they are very grown up. Isn’t this a little desperate to get a pat on the head? Fans don’t want the labor pains, they just want the baby. Let the beat writers leak out who’s been interviewed and who hasn’t. This feels like the Falcons putting on their dad’s shoes and shirt and clomping around the house playing “Adult Dad.” Very good.