Pistons-Spurs: A Must-Watch for Up-and-Coming Players

The NBA season is almost halfway done, and it’s surprising that two teams with some of the best young players in the league don’t have 10 wins between them. The game between Cade Cunningham’s Detroit Pistons and Victor Wembanyama’s San Antonio Spurs should be required viewing for anyone with hoop dreams. Despite Cunningham being out due to injury, Adam Silver should strong-arm ABC into airing the Pistons vs. Spurs game, even though it would probably break some rules. The worst teams deserve as much attention as the best/most popular teams to showcase the future of the league. The lack of veterans and the resulting youth explosion have led to too many sorry teams with talented, raw players who aren’t being properly developed. NBA locker rooms lack vets who can show young guys the ropes of professional basketball. The article mentions that male athletes have a 1.2 percent chance of playing in the NBA from college and many players keep their names in the NBA Draft with the hopes of getting to their second contract fast. The article also mentions a list of players in the NBA G League who were drafted, All-Americans, or all-conference in college, but didn’t make it big. It discusses the importance of decision-making in one’s career choices. Cunningham and Wembanyama are projected to be great players but are currently stuck on two of the worst teams. It warns that the Pistons and Spurs will likely be jockeying for the best odds to land the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.