Pittsburgh Penguins Tetering on the Edge

The Pittsburgh Penguins — ‘The Pretenders’ — Face Reality
The Pittsburgh Penguins have been a fixture in the spotlight since the start of the century. However, as the team currently sits in fourth place in the wild-card standings, with a five-point gap to fill in the Metro Division, it’s evident the end may be near. The Penguins, who are top-ten in attempts-share and expected goals-share at even-strength, are nonetheless struggling in other aspects of the game. Their power play is severely lacking, and they’ve been unable to perform consistently in 3-on-3 situations. The Penguins are faced with a difficult choice: make a last-ditch effort this season or prepare for an inevitable end. With aging players such as Crosby, Malkin, and Letang, a ‘soft’ rebuild is not an option. Despite their bad contracts, the Penguins can’t easily rebuild as long as Crosby and Karlsson are on the team. The truth is, the Penguins must decide whether to go all-in or begin to accept their decline.