Possibility of Former Pac-12 Teams Competing in Pac-12 Bowls Lingers

The Pac-12 may no longer be part of the conference, but it will still feature in affiliated bowl games. This arrangement is set to continue until 2025. As the contracts between conferences and bowls last until the 2025 season, the current 10 schools that have left the Pac-12 will continue to participate in Pac-12 affiliated bowl games. This is due to the fact that by 2024, only Oregon State and Washington State will remain in the Pac-12. The departure of several Pac-12 schools in 2023 has created multiple challenges for bowl planning, as the remaining schools must fill the spots. This tricky situation has led to concerns about the selection process for bowl participants. Additionally, there are complexities involved in matchups with teams from other conferences as well as the Pac-12’s remaining bowl affiliations. The Alamo Bowl faces a particular challenge due to its Pac-12 vs. Big 12 matchup, and the uncertainty around the Pac-12’s bowl status has caused issues for bowl officials.