Prioritizing Dame Lillard: Doc Rivers’ Focus Should Be on Fixing the Trail Blazers’ Star Player Before Addressing the Bucks’ Defense

The Milwaukee Bucks, with the fourth-best record in the NBA, can afford to fire their coach midseason, thanks to their standing in the standings. The new coach, Doc Rivers’ offense, provides a luxury of patience, allowing the team to trade some losses to improve their play style for the postseason. Milwaukee was trying to win games with high scoring, but needed more effort to overcome structural deficiencies. With Rivers, the Bucks can get more out of their group, especially from player Damian Lillard. The success of the Bucks depends on Lillard doing the heavy lifting on offense, which allows Giannis Antetokuonmpo to focus on defense. Despite being the team’s best player, Antetokuonmpo may not be the best offensive player. The offense can be seen as flawed because Lillard is only the second option. Rivers will need to make adjustments to cater to Lillard’s game, similar to the help defense required to win a title with him.