Protected Future: The Importance of NDAs for Gen-Z Stars like Zion Williamson and Anthony Edwards

The age of an athlete can be determined by the way and where messy gossip about them is revealed. TMZ is one thing. Having a “scorned lover” display personal life on the internet is another, a sign that the athlete is probably a member of Gen Z who doesn’t understand the value of non-disclosure agreements. Zion Williamson and Anthony Edwards serve as examples of what not to do. Edwards’ text messages encouraging a woman to get an abortion were revealed by a woman publicly. Kimberly K. Haynes, CEO of the OMBI Group advised her clients to get NDAs in place. Athletes who keep their noses clean aren’t infatuated with social media the way Gen Z is. Williamson’s experiences have shown the importance of surrounding oneself with wise people. Breaching an NDA can bring potential lawsuits or penalties, but they are not completely ironclad.