Questioning the Trustworthiness of the Baltimore Ravens Despite 13 Wins

The Baltimore Ravens have recently proven themselves as a dominant force, despite a hiccup against Pittsburgh without Lamar Jackson. They are now considered by many to be the favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. However, their trustworthiness is still in question due to past postseason failures. Since 2018, the Ravens have only had one postseason victory, and this season, they have flown under the radar despite their dominance. Even as they’ve made their ascent up the mountain, they have been overshadowed by other teams. However, they have shown themselves to be a well-balanced team, posting a 7-1 record and having home-field advantage. Still, previous postseason failures continue to be a shadow hanging over them. It’s up to the Ravens to remove all doubt and prove they deserve to be the favorite in the AFC.