Questions Arise as Brian Daboll Snubs Pam Oliver

The annoyance of “coach speak” is real for sports journalists, more so if another journalist prompted it. Did recent revelations by Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews play a part in New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll not telling Pam Oliver about the benching of Tommy DeVito? Fans were dismayed when DeVito, who had become a favorite after taking over for an injured Daniel Jones, was benched during a game. Daboll’s explanation was that he was trying to “spark the team,” but questions remained. Meanwhile, Thompson and Andrews stated on separate podcasts that they had made up reports at times due to challenges in getting information from coaches, leading to speculation and questioning their professional credibility. The fallout from their revelations is likely to impact the public’s trust in sports journalists, an already challenging position due to the rise of “fake news” rhetoric. Additionally, NFL broadcaster Pam Oliver has raised concerns about the growing trend of younger, blond, and “hot” women replacing veterans as sideline reporters. The hope remains for transparency and professionalism in sports journalism, particularly when it comes to news involving decisions like Daboll’s announcement of the starting quarterback for the Giants.