Report: High School Female Basketball Players Use Antisemitic Slurs Against Opponents

Girls basketball players from a private Jewish high school in New York were reportedly met with antisemitic taunts during a recent game that was canceled as a result of the hostility. According to a New York Post exclusive, the students were subjected to harassing comments like “I support Hamas, you f–king Jew” and “Free Palestine” from their opponents. Robin Bosworth, a senior at The Leffell School, described the game as a “somewhat hostile environment” with “substantially more jabs and comments” than she had ever experienced.

According to Bosworth, Roosevelt players shouted “Free Palestine” and “other antisemitic slurs and curses” at them during the third quarter. One player allegedly shouted “I support Hamas, you f–king Jew.” The head coach, John Tessitore, elected to end the game early due to the hostile comments. The Leffell School’s head of school, Michael Kay, said, “a small number of players on the opposing team directed hurtful, antisemitic comments toward members of our team.”

Roosevelt AD Kyle Calabro apologized and stated that “the follow-up would be swift and appropriate.” Roosevelt principal Edward DeChent also apologized to Kay and discussed possible disciplinary consequences. Kay expressed his pride in the way his players and coaching staff responded to the incident.