Rich People Can’t Even Afford Super Bowl LVIII – It’s That Expensive

Marxist crit of Super Bowl’s luxury suite boom

Unfettered capitalism restrains top one percent partying at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, with luxury suites reaching seven-figure prices. Even some of the biggest stars playing in the game cannot afford these high-roller suites.

Olivia Culpo wanted to treat fiance Christian McCaffrey’s mom to a suite for her birthday. Booking one was too expensive. Christian said during Super Bowl Opening Night that he shut that down.

Donna Kelce plans to be watching the game in the stands. Kelce told CNN the family won’t officially know if Taylor Swift will be there until the day of the game. Since there is no Kelce family suite due to high prices, Swift will likely be watching the game in one of the many that would love to host her.

Nearly 150 suites at Allegiant Stadium are reportedly selling for $1.4 to $2.5 million each. The amenities include wagyu hot dogs, surf and turf nachos, King Crab fried rice, and more.

In a world where people are struggling to afford housing, this money thrown around for a single night can be seen as insulting. Every unhoused person in Las Vegas could be housed for a price that won’t come close to all the money spent at Allegiant Stadium.

The money thrown around in Las Vegas on a regular weekend could do the same. Las Vegas is a place devoted to excess. If there is one place that income inequality will not be solved, it is at the NFL’s biggest party, held in the American city where people most commonly go to blow money as a celebration. The league and the city should drain as much money from the people and companies who traveled there as possible.

One place where capitalism should be allowed to run wild is luxury accommodations at the Super Bowl. If you think you’re a big balla, shot calla, got 20 inch blades on your Impala, prove it. Conclude a weekend in Vegas with a $2 million luxury suite and all the fixin’s.

After a year of inflation kicking the behinds of average Americans, companies drop seven figures on five-six hours in a luxury suite like it’s nothing. If they can do it, then they should get drained for every last cent.