Rising Stars Wembanyama, Miller and Henderson are a Must-See

NBA Draft 2023 was proposed to be a three-team draft. The primary prize was Victor Wembanyama, with Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson following. Regardless of the position, each could be a cornerstone of a franchise. The question is, what would they be holding up?

At present, the San Antonio Spurs, Portland Trail Blazers, and Charlotte Hornets are a combined 15-41. Each team is at the bottom in some aspect, and all of them will need reinforcements.

Expectations were high, but it was thought that at least one of these rookies would be on a semi-competitive team. The Hornets have LaMelo Ball. Portland has given Jerami Grant a five-year contract and has 2023 Sixth-Man of the Year Malcolm Brogdon. Gregg Popovich counts for a few wins, doesn’t he?

A top rookie on a strong team seems too much to ask for. Everyone must be involved in development until tanking produces a sufficient No. 2.

The Spurs have the second-worst record in the league and are on a 14-game losing streak. San Antonio lacks defense, and it’s hard to be excited about anyone on the roster after Wemby.

Wembanyama’s stats are decent, but his shooting percentages are a bit low. The team is struggling with spacing and playmaking.

The Portland Trail Blazers also have an impossibly bad offense despite having talented players. The team might be in the worst position of the three June lottery winners.

The Charlotte Hornets also seem to be struggling despite having Miles Bridges back. Brandon Miller is the only rookie shooting at a decent rate.

The article predicts that these three teams will continue to struggle if major changes are not made.