Rockets Coach Ime Udoka’s Confrontation with LeBron James was a Mistake

The Head Coach Who Earned His Way Out Of A Gig With The Celtics Was Acting A Fool Again
The headline isn’t perfect, but it gets the idea across. Everyone who works for the NBA or one of its franchises should exhibit professionalism. The head coach is the person in charge of the team, much like a general manager runs a store. That person doesn’t own the place, but should act as a dignified captain. Ime Udoka wasn’t acting as such during Saturday night’s game.

Udoka got ejected from the Rockets’ loss to the Lakers after having an altercation with LeBron James. In a heated moment, Udoka addressed James in a way that would’ve sparked a fight in a pickup game. A lip reader helped reveal what Udoka said to James. The referee immediately issued a technical foul to both participants.

After the game, Udoka was unapologetic about the confrontation during his postgame press conference. He even made remarks poking fun at the physicality of the Lakers. Udoka’s behavior falls short of being professional, and given his history, it’s uncertain if he’s learned his lesson.