Rudy Gobert: The Most Underrated Star in NBA History?

In case you missed it, the NBA had another altercation Tuesday night, which turned into an all-out fight involving Draymond Green, and center Rudy Gobert of the Timberwolves. Despite Gobert’s many accolades, he is often treated poorly by his peers. His behavior in the past, such as not taking COVID seriously and crying about being snubbed for an All-Star selection, has earned him a bad reputation. Despite being a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, six-time All-Defensive, and four-time All-NBA selection, Gobert is still disrespected by other players.

Comparisons are drawn to Kwame Brown, who was heavily criticized during his NBA career but never faced the same level of disrespect as Gobert. Gobert has been targeted and disrespected by other players, and it is clear that he is not well-liked within the league. The altercation with Draymond Green further highlights the lack of respect for Gobert. It is suggested that Gobert should focus on playing basketball rather than engaging in altercations, as Green is known for embracing the role of a villain.