San Francisco 49ers’ Lack of Knowledge on Overtime Rules is Incredibly Unacceptable

The aftermath of the Super Bowl is a prime time for overreactions. One post-game revelation was that some of the San Francisco 49ers’ players were unaware of the different playoff overtime rules. While players should know the rules, this mishap also reflects poorly on head coach Kyle Shanahan and his staff. Losing due to unpreparedness reflects poorly on the coaching staff, and does not bode well for Shanahan. Not knowing the overtime regulations ended up costing the 49ers a championship, showing a lack of preparedness. This situation is reminiscent of Donovan McNabb not knowing about NFL game ties in 2008. The NFL playoff overtime rules are still relatively new, but Shanahan should have been prepared for all possible outcomes. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has ascended to the level of an all-time great coach due to his preparedness. While Shanahan still has potential, he is on a concerning path. Starting 0-2 in Super Bowl appearances is daunting, but Shanahan still has time to recover.