Scott Boras Unleashes His Most Unbearable Dad Jokes

Scott Boras is the primary attraction at baseball’s annual GM meetings, becoming the prime event for the baseball fourth estate. Holding cue cards, the prime event is the highlight and keeping in mind for baseball. The popular sports agent practices his poetry and delivers it to media members making them feel underpaid. Boras’s new Taylor Swift reporter is quite an attraction. People remain curious about what Boras yells at while driving. Everyone underestimates Boras as this mastermind never misses the spotlight. People are skeptical of Boras’s antics. He has hard lyrics and great queries. The Toronto Maple Leafs are weak in defense. John Klingberg ended up in a poor situation. The Leafs did not perform well with Ryan Reaves on the ice. Sam on Twitter @Felsgate is paying attention to the Leafs’ shortcomings.