Screw off, Buster Posey: An Open Invitation

The San Francisco Giants are in damage control mode after missing out on several key free agents. The team whiffed on Aaron Judge, failed to secure Carlos Correa, and lost out on Shohei Ohtani. Understandably, Giants fans are frustrated, but the team’s former player, Buster Posey, has pointed the blame at the fans themselves, suggesting that the city’s issues are keeping free agents away. However, Posey’s comments are a misrepresentation of the situation.

It’s unlikely that Ohtani’s decision was based on San Francisco’s problems, and Posey’s high earnings during his playing career raise questions about his concern for the city’s issues. Additionally, the structure of Ohtani’s deal, which the Giants were willing to match, raises concerns about the fair distribution of taxes.

Furthermore, Carli Lloyd’s recent comments about her accomplishments and her discontent with the USWNT’s activism highlight a performative attitude that detracts from important issues in sports.

In baseball, MLB’s new spring training feature involving showcasing prospects may be a tactic to distract fans from teams’ reluctance to sign free agents or make significant trades. This could potentially lead to fans accepting cheaper labor over established professionals. Teams like the Orioles, Reds, Cubs, and Red Sox have been accused of hyping up prospects to avoid paying premiums for established players.

Overall, these actions by both players and organizations in MLB seem to be a diversion from addressing deeper issues in the sport and in society as a whole.