Shohei Ohtani’s Deferred Salary: A Non-Issue

Shohei Ohtani’s deal with the Dodgers has finally been confirmed, with Ohtani deferring $68 million of his $70 million annual salary over 10 years after his 10-year contract. His $2 million salary is balanced by his endorsements and sponsorships. This deferment allows the Dodgers to keep his luxury tax number below $50 million, freeing up funds to improve the team. Though some criticize this tactic, any club could have done the same. The team’s creative accounting showcases their dedication to winning and putting together the best roster. The CBA negotiation in three years may address this loophole. Though the Dodgers have had a successful decade, they are mostly judged for their World Series losses. Money cannot ensure success in October. The owners manipulate the system to their advantage, while fans mock the Dodgers’ payroll. Success in baseball should be redefined. Seizing a moment is a personal choice. Papa Tavares effectively handled the ordeal in New York. Overall, the Dodgers’ decision effectively showcases their commitment to success.