Spain’s Accountability: A Blessing in the Luis Rubiales Saga

The former head of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, could be facing charges and prison time for kissing football player Jenni Hermoso without her consent after Spain won the World Cup in 2023. The judge recommended that Rubiales stand trial for sexual assault and coercion. Three other men, Jorge Vilda, Rubén Rivera, and Albert Luque, are also recommended to stand trial for pressuring Hermoso to state the kiss was consensual. Rubiales and others involved maintain a lack of understanding regarding the severity of their actions.

This incident in Spain highlights the issues women often face, despite legislative progress. While the Women’s World Cup marked milestones, such as European team victory and its first time in the Southern Hemisphere, Rubiales’ actions overshadowed these accomplishments. It is essential to establish consent in all personal and professional interactions. Touching anyone without permission is unacceptable. Women and men should be treated equally, regardless of their gender.