Steelers Plan Criticized by Najee Harris and George Pickens

Najee Harris has reason to be annoyed. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been struggling with their offense all season, barely managing to score 25 points in a game. Despite their 6-4 record and a shot at the playoffs, their offense has been a sore spot, as indicated by their DVOA numbers. Harris himself expressed frustration after their recent loss to the Cleveland Browns, even placing some of the blame on the coaching staff. His comments implied that the opposing teams knew what to expect from the Steelers’ offense, a sentiment echoed by teammate George Pickens. The consternation among players is a clear sign that changes are needed, but the Steelers have shown no indication of making a mid-season switch at offensive coordinator. The situation appears to be reaching a boiling point, and it remains to be seen if the team can weather these internal tensions and still finish the season strong.