Steve Kerr’s Misguided Opinion on Draymond Green’s Comeback

Draymond Green has been reinstated by the NBA and returned to the Golden State Warriors’ facility after being away for more than three weeks. The move follows a series of on-court incidents resulting in suspensions and heightened scrutiny of Green’s behavior during games.

In mid-December, Green received a 12-game suspension for punching Jusuf Nurkić, which came shortly after a five-game suspension for putting his arm around Rudy Gobert’s neck. He was also suspended during the playoffs in April and previously got into a physical altercation with a teammate in 2022.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has expressed a desire for Green to leave officials alone and to better control his behavior on the court. Green’s repeated striking of players has led to extensive scrutiny and consequences, including suspension and mandatory counseling to address his behavior.

While Green’s behavior has been a source of concern, some argue that his intensity adds value to the NBA and enhances the excitement of the game. However, the NBA has stressed the importance of maintaining professional conduct on the court, and Green’s future behavior will be closely monitored.

Though Green has expressed contrition and a willingness to work on his behavior, the NBA and the Warriors are expecting significant changes in his conduct moving forward. Ultimately, the focus is on ensuring Green is able to keep his emotions in check and avoid physical altercations during games.