Swift-Kelce Super Bowl PR Stunt Diverts Attention from Airlines

The airline industry seems to think it can distract the people from the horrifying social media video of deployed oxygen masks on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 because a piece of the jet fell into the sky. My attention is still on that incident. No marketing campaign with numbers that represent Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will distract me.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ 17-10 AFC Championship victory against the Baltimore Ravens, American Airlines added a couple of flights between KC and Las Vegas. Not to be left out, United Airlines is numbering some of their flights after the new Hollywood couple.

All of the hype surrounding the Kelce-Swift relationship does not bother me. They are public figures who are literally dating in public. We’re supposed to make a big deal of their dating. The two are recognizable figures and clicks are gonna follow this pair.

What their relationship is not is important to anyone except for the actual participants. Cute move, American and United Airlines, giving the two of them a Super Bowl shout out on overpriced flights that pack people tighter than ground beef.

Those two titans of industry won’t distract me from the problems soaring above my head out of LAX every day. The airline industry is not being as thorough in inspecting its planes as it should be. When Boeing acquired McDonnell Douglas they became more concerned with its bottom line rather than the quality of its product. He resigned after 15 months on the job when it was found out that he had an affair.

I’m on to you, airline industry. Feel free to play some pop culture games with the modern day Bennifer, but my eye is still on the ball. I’m focused on these $400-plus airfares that I am forced to pay when door plugs are falling off of planes in midair.