Taylor Swift’s Influence on the NFL Surprprisingly Positive

CBS reported that Super Bowl LVIII drew an average of 123.4 million viewers across all platforms, including CBS, Paramount+, Nickelodeon, Univision, and CBS Sports. The main CBS broadcast alone attracted 120 million viewers, making it the largest audience for a single network. It also set records for the most-streamed Super Bowl and drawing over 200 million viewers to watch “all or part” of the game. The NFL continues to dominate TV ratings in the U.S., with 93 of the top 100 most-watched TV broadcasts in 2023 being NFL games. Super Bowls also hold the top spots for the most-watched broadcasts in U.S. history, with 29 of the top 30 being Super Bowls. Despite criticisms about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce affecting the game and league, the NFL’s viewership remains strong. The moon landing in 1969 remains a tough event to top, with estimated viewership ranging from 125 to 150 million across multiple networks.