Texans Roar into the Playoffs after Turbulent Years

The Houston Texans secured a playoff spot after beating the Indianapolis Colts 23-19. DeMeco Ryans and CJ Stroud, in their rookie campaigns, played key roles in this achievement. The team avoided hiring Josh McCown and let the Carolina Panthers make their QB decision for them. Amidst these significant decisions, they also hired their third Black head coach in three years.

After Bill O’Brien’s tenure ended, David Culley was hired in January 2021. However, after just several weeks, Deshaun Watson had to face allegations, leaving Culley without a franchise quarterback. Watson requested a trade, and after multiple accusations, it became clear that he could not play for the Texans again. Culley was subsequently let go after just one year in the head coaching role.

In 2022, Wattson was traded and there were rumors that Josh McCown was in line for the head coach vacancy. However, after Brian Flores filed a racial discrimination lawsuit, McCown remained a high school football coach. Lovie Smith was then hired on a placeholder basis given his past stints as an associate head coach and defensive coordinator. Despite Smith’s track record, the Texans failed to secure the top pick after winning their final game of the season, allowing the Chicago Bears to claim the No. 1 selection, which they ultimately traded to the Carolina Panthers.

CJ Stroud and Bryce Young are both promising rookies, but Young’s numbers fell short of Stroud’s impressive statistics. Stroud’s future with the team in light of these successes remains uncertain, especially considering coaching changes within the organization.

The Texans’ playoff journey is a compelling story that only seems to be beginning, highlighting a potentially exciting future despite the uncertain outcomes of the coming weeks.