The Buffalo Bills’ Unique Way of Self-Destructing

If Chris Berman is in fact alive and not just a rejected Chuck E. Cheese animatronic figure, he probably wouldn’t go on air and say, “NOBODY BLOWS THEIR OWN DICK OFF LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS!” Not because it isn’t true, but because he hasn’t updated any of his catchphrases since the Clinton administration. Anyway, the Bills are off. Ever since that self-immolation, the Bills have seemed to have something broken inside them that they can’t fix. Insane, like sending two straight zero-blitzes at Russell Wilson with the game on the line. Not only would even Wilson figure out what to do with a second try, but it was also completely unnecessary. The Broncos were stuck 45 yards away from the end zone on third down, and all the Bills had to do was keep them from gaining 10 yards on the next two plays to win the game. The Bills certainly couldn’t argue they deserved to win. They turned the ball over on the first play from scrimmage, then watched Josh Allen yahoo his way into three more turnovers. The Bills have the Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Chargers, and Dolphins left on the schedule while they sit at 5-5. Allen has become a “more cowbell” QB. Turnovers and dumb decisions are a lot for a team to overcome every week. They’ll flash one more time, and their fans will think it’s a corner being turned. More is in the full article below.