The Case for Jalen Brunson as the NBA’s Top Point Guard

Jalen Brunson, after being introduced at the conference on 22nd September, 2022, wore a New York Knicks jersey and said that he didn’t consider himself as a savior. This was not entirely truthful and he was selling himself short. Since then, he has become the best point guard in the NBA. In January, his historic performance put him in the company of only seven other players to reach his level of scoring and efficiency. Despite his extraordinary achievements, some still doubt his ability. However, Brunson’s impact on the team has been immediate, and he has been able to take the Knicks to unprecedented territory. His unique playing style and the fact that he has achieved so much under immense pressure make his success even more impressive. Ultimately, Brunson’s impact has made him the savior the Knicks have been searching for over 50 years.