The Chargers and the Struggles of Black Coaches in the NFL

Black Coach Fired by Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers fired a black coach in 2021, then chose a white coach instead of a hot black offensive coordinator. After two and a half seasons, they fired the white coach because he performed poorly compared to the black coach that preceded him. With the recent firing of Brandon Staley, the Chargers cleaned house just before Black Monday. This highlights the lack of diversity among the head coaches in the NFL. The charge of racial discrimination by Brian Flores against the league for its hiring practices is going to trial. People who oppose discussions about race label them as “race-baiting”. They argue that the best person should get the job regardless of color, but ignore the lack of diversity in a predominantly Black league. The firing of Staley during the NFL’s “Inspire Change” weeks demonstrates the league’s hypocrisy. The NFL is seen as one of the biggest contributors to social and racial issues. The team’s owner’s statements after firing the black coach and the white coach reveal underlying biases. The Chargers fired Anthony Lynn, the franchise’s first and only black head coach, despite a decent winning record. It is evident that race still plays a role in the hiring and firing of coaches in the NFL, and the lack of diversity requires attention.