The Controversial Excitement: Florida Politicians’ Reaction to FSU Snub over FAMU Title

Florida A&M University received congratulations on social media for winning a college football national championship, while Florida State University was faced with the launch of an investigation. Amid the controversy around the College Football Playoff Committee’s decision, Florida claimed another national championship as FAMU defeated Howard University at the 2023 Cricket Celebration Bowl. However, the attention was on Florida State’s snub rather than FAMU’s historic win.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis congratulated both universities on social media, but with six fewer words for FAMU. While his actions were expected, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s video declaring the decision an “injustice” sparked controversy. Moody launched an investigation into the CFP’s decision, leading to a statement from CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock explaining the decision-making process. Florida Senator Rick Scott also got involved in the matter.

FSU and the ACC lost out on substantial financial benefits due to the decision, which warrants their anger. However, the politicians’ focus on FSU’s loss overshadows FAMU’s achievement. Consequently, greater attention should be paid to what FAMU has accomplished for the state of Florida.