The Controversial Return: Trevor Bauer’s Bid for a MLB Comeback

Toxic ex-MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer — who sued Deadspin and lost — is

hoping to find another gig in the majors.

Appearing oh so sympathetic by going on Fox News, the hurler told America’s Newsroom host Bill Hemmer how he made mistakes, was reckless, and “agreed to do things I shouldn’t have done.” He also claims to be making changes.

“I’m not having casual sexual relationships anymore, for example,” Bauer said.

As has been well documented, Bauer was accused of choking a woman unconscious, punching her in the head, and sodomizing her without consent, which he denied. (He was never arrested or charged with a crime, but was suspended by MLB for violating its policy against sexual assault and domestic violence.)

But now months after settling with the woman — and pitching in Japan for the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars — the right-hander is hoping MLB teams will come calling. Bauer said his agents have spoken to several teams, however, no contract or spring training invite has manifested yet.

“That’s my goal — to play baseball here in the United States,” he said. “I’d love a second opportunity to do things better.”

If he’s not just a terrible human being, Bauer also appears to be an awful teammate.

Bauer also said that he still has an outstanding lawsuit against him that he’s confident he’ll win.

He also admitted to being “immature” regarding the media coverage around him.

“I also made a lot of people in the media mad,” Bauer said. “I was very immature with how I handled things when people would write things about me I didn’t agree with.”

The free agent sued Deadspin over three statements in this 2021 article, written about a temporary restraining order a woman sought after a sexual encounter with Bauer.

The Honorable Judge Paul A. Crotty of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York disagreed with Bauer’s claims:

“The Petition and accompanying medical records indicate that, following (the woman’s’) encounter with Bauer, a doctor — (not the woman) herself — diagnosed her with “significant head and facial trauma” and symptoms of a basilar skull fracture, including “racoon eyes” and a “Battle’s sign,” which are observable indicators of a potential fracture … Those symptoms were not merely ‘self-reported,’ but based on a physician’s initial examination and observation of (the woman). This means that the true bridge between the contested Statements — (Bauer) fractured (the woman’s) skull as diagnosed by an initial CT scan-and reality — (Bauer) caused (the woman) facial trauma that a doctor initially diagnosed as symptoms of a skull fracture — is small enough to render the ‘gist’ or ‘sting’ of the statements unchanged.”

Crotty continued, “Whether those injuries included a skull fracture or simply ‘significant head and facial trauma’ and bruising does not change the nature of the accusations, nor would it produce a different effect on the mind of the reader.”