The Devil’s Deal: Tempting Mark Cuban with a Faustian Bargain for the Dallas Mavericks

What Donald Trump, casinos, the Holocaust, and the Dallas Mavericks have in common is that they are all connected in various ways to different aspects of American culture, politics, and history. Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel Maus delves into the cycle of trauma and its effects on a family’s survival of the Holocaust, while the recent sale of the Dallas Mavericks to Miriam Adelson, a wealthy casino magnate and Republican donor, raises questions about the intertwining of money, politics, and ethics. Adelson’s support of Trump’s reelection campaign, her history of lobbying for right-wing groups, and her personal background as a child of Holocaust survivors are all factors that add complexity to the sale of a majority stake in the basketball team. These connections highlight the ways in which personal histories, financial power, and political influence can intersect and influence major cultural and political decisions.