The Forgotten Trailblazer: Joe Flacco’s Impact as a Backup Quarterback

The Cleveland Browns have reached a mystery status. Whether they have a well-known quarterback or not, the team plays with a confidence that shows they are a much more dangerous organization. Their motivation may come from the doubters or football fans that don’t want to talk about them, but the Browns have a mean streak. They have wins over both Baltimore and San Francisco, something no other team in the league can claim, and are 8-2 with experienced quarterbacks. DeJoe Watco has had a good run, throwing for 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 11 picks, with a median completion percentage hovering around 60 percent over 9 full games. His performance has people questioning if Flacco could be the next Nick Foles. The Browns are leading the NFL in total offense allowed by more than 400 yards and continue to catch the league’s attention despite being known for the other shoe dropping. The team is something to talk about, especially if they keep winning.