The inconvenient truth about LA Clippers’ James Harden: The NBA’s least clutch superstar

The Los Angeles Clippers superteam with James Harden might not be working out so well. Harden hasn’t shown himself to be in tip-top shape or deserving of the massive extension he demanded. His usage rate is down, and he’s averaging only 4.5 assists per game. The recent loss to the Memphis Grizzlies highlighted Harden’s disappointing performance. In crunch time, his track record is less than stellar – he’s one of the worst in the league in field goal percentage and three-point shooting since 2017. Harden doesn’t measure up to his All-NBA peers in clutch time and doesn’t seem to be the best option for the Clippers. Overall, it seems that Harden might not be the player the Clippers were hoping for. Instead of helping the team make a championship push, he’s falling short in critical moments.