The Inevitable: Aaron Rodgers Knew He Was Never going to Play

Aaron Rodgers spends more time protecting his image than playing quarterback. He vocalizes his opinions on Pat McAfee’s Douche Emporium For Chads every week, voicing a decent percentage of the world’s pollution. However, he does not seem to be as smart as he thinks he is. He didn’t gain anything from playing, and playing again would have only proven that he’s not the quarterback he once was. Now, he’s hinting that he might come back, if only the Jets were on his level. This way, he can act like he could have made a difference.

Aaron Rodgers will be one of the biggest stories in the league once again when training camp rolls around in July. It remains to be seen if he can still be effective in his 40s. If not, he will make sure everyone knows how much better things would have gone if the Jets had earned his return. The cycle of hype around Rodgers will start again in the summer.

There is a lot of noise during the NBA’s In-Season Tournament about it turning regular-season matchups into rare barnburners, but there are always good NBA games happening each week. The Warriors and the Celtics had a great game recently, showcasing Steph Curry’s incredible shots and consistency, which makes it clear that no one will do it like him. Steph remains as exciting to watch as ever, with his unique and overwhelming playing style. It’s surreal and thrilling, and it seems that knowing the end is close makes each game all the more intense.