The Intrigue Continues: LSU in Limelight as Angel Reese Makes Dominant Return

LSU had an 82-64 victory over No. 9 Virginia Tech, with Final Four Most Outstanding Player Angel Reese returning to play and head coach Kim Mulkey securing her 700th career victory. Reese scored 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds, and DePaul transfer Annesah Morrow contributed 19 points and 15 rebounds. The team also welcomed new players, adding to their deep and talented roster. However, there are still questions surrounding the absence of some players, and Mulkey has chosen not to disclose specifics, leaving fans and the media to speculate. While it’s important to respect the privacy of the players, Mulkey’s silence has fueled rumors and social media chatter. As the coach of a high-profile team, she navigates a delicate balance in protecting her players while addressing public curiosity. Ultimately, it remains unclear why players like Kateri Poole were absent, and Mulkey’s approach has continued to attract attention and debate.